The New York Contingent of First Platoon 1-69

Company A, 1-69, USMC
1st Reunion
Quantico, Virginia
May 18,2004
The Banquet with the Wives
First Platoon 36 years Later
Marine Corps Officer "Basic School"
Quantico Virginia
Curious, But A Bit Apprehensive
Last Time We Entered Here
We Were Young and Marine
After 36 Years 1st Platoon
Hallway is Still the Same
My Old Room,
Young Marines Now Live Here
The Basic School Officer's Club
Spent a Lot of Time Here
Renewing Old Friendships
Like Brothers,  Colonel John Abbattista
We Miss You Ralphie
Some Were Present in Spirit
Bob Conti
Too Many, Too Young. We Don't Celebrate War For We Are It's Victims
In Loving Remembrance. We Fought So Our Sons and Daughters Wouldn't Have to
Thinking About My Friend Liz Garcia, U.S. Army  Nurse Corps, and the Journey We took Together
None Were Spared
The Korean War Memorial
Thinking About My Friend  "Big" John Gagliardi
Camp Upshur, Platoon Leader Candidate
World War Two Memorial
(Still Under Construction)
My Father's War
Thinking About Larry Bica, 1st Sargeant, U.S.Army. He Fought So His Son Wouldn't Have to.
World War Two Was a Different War
Our sons and daughters continue to sacrifice their lives and physical and mental well-being, in an ill conceived war initiated and devised by those who, by virtue of wealth and influence, were spared the debilitating experience of war.
And Yet , As Patriots, they fight so their children won't have to
. . . And So On . . . And So  On . . . And So On . . .
July, 1968
May, 2004
Summer 1968
Now, May 2004
Then, July, 1965
Then, July 1967